About WCL

WCL is a non-profit organization. It exists to create educational programs and hands-on experiences for women who demonstrate leadership potential. We are here to help women develop their executive abilities in business, government, education, politics and non-profit organizations.

Mission Statement:

To ignite and inform women leaders who transform their worlds.

  1. To foster change by providing thought-provoking topics and discussions that increase self-awareness, commitment, and systemic organizational changes.
  2. To provide collaboration opportunities across a diverse community of women leaders, both emerging and established.
  3. To provide a platform of opportunities for compelling thought leaders.

WCL offers more than a traditional academic program

Leadership concepts and theory are applied to real-world situations. Our connections to the community distinguish WCL from other programs.

Combining the power of theory and experience

Recognizing the strength and vision of women

WCL seeks women with leadership potential, offering opportunities that develop skills, harness creativity, and evolve our roles as leaders in the public and private sectors.